Try, Try Again

Have you ever had something in your life that you were trying to duck and dodge but you always kept running into it? For me it was going on the freeway when I was learning to drive. About three weeks ago, I finally passed the written drivers test. The next part was learning to drive. My mentor Mike coached me on how to drive a car. At first, it was difficult trying to learn everything and there were a lot of times where I made close calls. I felt unsure about my driving skills but Mike continued to encourage me to stay positive. I had a fear of going on the freeway and I didn’t think I was ready for it. When he finally took me on the freeway it seemed as though all the negativity left. Mike began to tell me what to do on the freeway, reminding me to be alert and cautious. Going on the freeways made me feel more comfortable about driving and I feel that I’m ready to pass my driver’s test.

I have been a waiter now for about 6 months and it has been a challenge. When I first began as a waiter I had a lot of difficulties trying to accomplish the necessary work. There were many things that I really needed help with and it seemed like I couldn’t accomplish any task. Once after a big party, it seemed that there were some mistakes I made and I began to have a lot of self-doubt. I have continued to learn from the other severs and now I feel much more comfortable waiting on people. I have a greater confidence in myself when it comes to serving and I feel like it’s just a natural thing to do. My comfortability as a server has led me to have the opportunity to be the host at night.

I realize that as I continued to confront the different challenges that I face, the more comfortable I feel about doing those things. At first it seemed scary to drive and I was so unsure of myself but now I feel like it’s more natural to me. Don’t stop yourself from attaining your goals because you are unsure of yourself but continue to try and try again! As the famous quote goes “If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again”.