Sangwa Duepa

Gyuto Monks of Tibet

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This CD came with no liner notes. It's from the JVC World Sounds series of Japan. It was recorded at Gyuto Monasterey (photo at end of video) in 1990.

The Gyuto Monks came to the attention of the western world thanks to the efforts of Huston Smith and Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead drummer). They first toured the US in 1988 under the sponsorship of Mickey Hart, touring 22 cities and sold out every venue. They have returned for subsequent tours. Huston Smith produced the first recorded cassette in 1965.

For additional information about the Monks and their Monasteries visit Gyuto Vajrayana Center in San Jose, California or Gyuto College and Monastery in Dharamsala, India or their site

I added the video from photos I've taken over the years, with positive, thought provoking messages.

Thank for listening.

Blessings to All!