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 The purpose of this website is to introduce as many people as possible to the healing power of Tibetan Buddhist Chants and Chanting. An additional, and equally important goal of this site is to be a dialogue for spiritual aspirants of all faiths!

I invite you to view the beautiful Buddhist artwork, listen to and chant along with the powerful Tibetan Buddhist prayers. Recently added are the "Yongey Mingyur Ronpoche” videos on the importance of Meditation, the Gyuto Monks with their powerful chant videos, the “OM MANI PADME HUM” pages, Lama Samten’s videos and 10 Mantras from world renown Chant Master, Lama Tashi. The various Mantras are helpful for different purposes from relaxation, developing wisdom, compassion, healing, purification, skillful means, tantric abilities, etc. Also, recently added are chants from other religious and spiritual traditions. Please enjoy and feel free to chant along.

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The Native Dancer pages include a collection of over 300 photos. I have been fortunate to visit many Pow-wow's between 1988 - 2000, and have taken some good photos. I want the dancers and/or their families to have them. I invite you to visit those pages. If you recognize anyone, please let them know of their existence. Other pages include stories and photos from my participation in some of Dennis Banks' "Sacred Run's" & "Let Me be Free Run" and Sacred Run Australia 2000. Please read and comment on our blogs, too.

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As a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, whose main practice is "Compassion for All", it occurs to me that actively helping people is the most satisfying goal one can aspire to.

An overlooked and under-served group of people are those in prisons, all around the world. These are the people most in need of Relaxation Techniques, people held in prisons. While there are great Buddhist groups such as: IBS Prison Program, who teach the Dharma in some California prisons. They do great work and should surely be supported and celebrated. However, There is a different need out there, also. A substantial number of inmates, especially in the United States, are lacking or deficient in reading skills. Sound may be the best way to reach these people!

I have come about this issue firsthand. Through my Advocate/ mentoring work with the Sanchez brothers, Jesus, the youngest boy, has been in jail on more than one occasion. for over a year, when he lived with me, we would chant together. He often joined me in chanting Tibetan Buddhist prayers. It was such an amazing transformation to behold – Calm, Peaceful & Energized. (For context, see my previous blogs, “All Life is Sacred”, “Other People’s Lives”, “My Eventful Day”, “Recognizing and Appreciating Life’s Small Accomplishments”, “The Importance of Having Fun and Being Happy“ & “On Being Hopeful and Hope-filled”, "Jesus Javier Sanchez).

Therefore, maybe a better way to reach more imprisoned people might be through sound and chanting. Some Tibetan Buddhist Prayer chants have great relaxation properties. I know first hand that these chants have a noticeable effect on Jesus' demeanor.

Wow - wouldn't that be something to replicate on a much larger scale! Wouldn't it be wonderful if various chants from different traditions were available to all prisons & prisoners worldwide. Ah, that's my aspiration.

Any ideas out here? 

Zion Canyon in Zion National Park, Utah

Zion Canyon in Zion National Park, Utah

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Lama Samten and his early students who translated these beautiful texts into English.

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