(The Beautiful 6 Syllable Mantra)

Chenrezig is the compassion of all Buddhas, united in one form. Every single characteristic and ornament of the deity denotes different aspects of perfect enlightenment. The blessing of Chenrezig is invoked through the King of Mantras.

The audio was originally recorded at Karma Choeling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery near Auckland, NZ in late August 2001, the words and art recently added.

I would like to offer a very special "Thank You" to Venerable Lama Karma Samten and his early students in New Zealand for translating this powerful text.

Also special thanks to H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche's website for the beautiful artwork.

And especially H.H. Karmapa! I am eternally grateful!

May these prayers benefit all sentient beings!