Nothing is Out of Your Reach

In my last blog I talked about “not allowing yourself to obtain your goals because of self-doubt.” I am proud to announce that I have finally passed my driver’s test!  Yesterday morning I woke up early to start my day before I had to go take my driver’s test. The first thing I had to do was wipe down the mirrors on the car because you need clean mirrors in order to take the test.  After cleaning the mirrors, Mike decided to take me out for one last practice. While out driving, I made a couple mistakes and Mike had to tell me what I was doing wrong. I began to have self-doubt and I told him that maybe I was just going to fail. Mike told me to drive home because he didn’t like how I was being uncertain about passing the driver’s test. When we got home, he had me chant, to help me calm my nerves and to be more focused for the test.  After chanting, we headed back out on the street and towards the DMV. Once we got there I had to go inside and check myself in with the front desk. After I had to wait in the car for my turn to test,  it just so happen that the car in front of me didn’t check in so it was now my turn. My heart was racing. I started to take deep breaths and then the instructor came over and introduced himself.

For all those who haven’t taken the test yet, the first thing the instructor did was, he asked me if I knew where all the controls were. He does this because he is inspecting the car and he wants to make sure that everything is working and its basic knowledge for the driver. The next thing he asked is if I knew my traffic signals, left, right, and stop, using my arms. Afterwards, he came into the car and began giving me instructions about what I was to do. We drove around the corner making left and right turns along the way. At one point in the test he told me to pull up to a curb and I slightly hit it because I was so nervous. He asked me to stop and then back up in a straight line and then to continue driving. The test was only twenty minutes long and at the end of the test I parked the car and the instructor went over the results. I didn’t know what to expect but he told me that I passed. There were things that I needed to work on but I passed. I was so proud of myself that I had finally accomplished one of my goals.

It’s strange because eight months ago I never thought I would be able to accomplish this goal. I remember attempting the written part of the test and after failing it three times I decided to give up. I was scared because I was uncertain of myself. It wasn’t until five months later that I decided it was time to conquer this goal. I began to really study hard and focus on the test. When the day finally came I was able to pass it. This experience has really helped me to see that no matter how hard something might be if you are able to put in your full effort to obtain it then nothing is out of your reach!