Best Friends and Opportunities

About two weeks ago, my best friend Patrick came to visit, all the way from Kona, Hawaii. Patrick and I have been friends for about eight years now and it has been three years since I had seen him last. I met Patrick sophomore year of high school. Every day after school I was always at his house hanging out. His mom and dad became second parents to me because I was there pretty much every day. Every year, after sophomore year, we were both in a class together. During our late junior year we started a group that had thirteen people in it. A lot of drama occurred over time and by the end of senior year the original group had separated.  No matter what difficulties came between us, Patrick and I have remained good friends throughout the years.

After high school , Patrick and I went our separate ways. I left Temecula and moved to San Diego while he remained. The last time I saw him was early 2011, when he came to offer me a opportunity. Unfortunately, at the time, I was unable to participate. After that I left to be a part of the church. I found out that Patrick had left Temecula and moved to Hawaii, in May of 2013. When I finally had the opportunity to talk to him, this past March, he explained that he would be coming out to visit in September. We picked him up from the Los Angeles airport, two weeks ago. This was the first time I had seen him since our last meeting years earlier. We shared a group hug with the two other friends that were with us. Over the course of the next five days, we celebrated his return and partied while he was here.

Before he left home to Hawaii, I had the pleasure of joining him at a Seahawks vs. Chargers game at Qualcomm stadium. Patrick has always been a diehard Seahawks fan while I am diehard fan of the Chargers. Being able to spend time with my best friend was very pleasurable and to watch our two favorite teams play each other. The outcome was in favor of my team but both of us enjoyed ourselves so much so that at the end of the game we both had lost our voices. After the football game, I left back home and I didn’t see him until his final day in San Diego. We went to Pacific Beach together with some friends to celebrate. After the night was over he came to drop me off and say goodbye, seeing how it would be the last time I would see him again. At that moment, we were both crying because the love we have for each other and our friendship was so strong, it was hard to say goodbye. Patrick really helped me to see better in life. He made me realize that success can come if you put your mind to it. A couple days ago, I finally made a decision to also move out to Hawaii, to pursue new career opportunities and to partake on a new life journey.

L-R George, Patrick & me

L-R George, Patrick & me

Friends come and go, but true friends leave footprints in your heart.