Living in the desert you sometimes need to be creative, especially when it’s 100 degrees or more outside. In the summer anywhere, when kids are out of school and teachers are off, you need to find ways to keep busy while you spend more time indoors.  I thought I’d mention some of the things I and my family and friends do, in case you need some inspiration. 
My mom used to call me an artist.  As it turns out I am not, but I am artistic. I like blending colors, taking an average Harry and David moose munch-box and decorating it with Swarovski crystals.  I love trees, so I take pine cones and decorate them with Swarovski crystals, calling them my “Faberge pine cones”. 
I catch up on series I haven't seen on DVD,   and I read books.  I paint my own cards with watercolors and send them to friends.  I hadn't embroidered for decades, so I embroidered a pillowcase with my favorite butterflies. I even invented pretty pink ones!
One of my sisters makes jewelry from scratch, with Swarovski crystals. She also assembles jigsaw puzzles.  My other sister is consistently working on improving her home. She is more creative in the kitchen, too.  I have a friend who gets in bed early every night with her cats and reads books.  I have another friend who spends time on her computer trading stocks.  I also have a friend who is an author and she spends her time researching and writing. 
We each have others we interact with at home or at work and outdoor activities we do.  But I think doing creative things when we spend more time indoors helps to expand our minds. I even have a set of Crayola crayons and color while I watch TV. 
Have a creative summer!