Getting out of your Routine

Regardless of how much money we have,  how busy we are , etc, one thing is universal : a desire to get out of our routine.  Sometimes even  a day or a few hours can do it,  sometimes it takes longer.  We are prone to travel in my family,  and I always thought it was to learn about different cultures,  even in our own country,  but now i see that it helped my mom and dad get out of their routine,  or rut.  

beautiful leaves.jpg

We are "expected" to stay at what we do,  where we live,  for as long as possible, for stability.  Some situations allow  for growth and some less.  I have  needed more facets to my life than some,  more travel, more time with family and friends, which usually required travel.  I have less resources to go away right now,  so I look for other ways to do something different. In Colorado,  where I was raised, I  could go up to the mountains for the day,  hike and be back that evening.  Talk about a mind shift!  When  I lived in San Diego and worked in La Jolla, every Friday I would take the scenic route along the ocean, back to home. 

Life is routine,  but even in small ways, I try to shake it up.  I ride the bus to work with a guy I talk to every time I see him.  We talk about life,  and he is from New Orleans , so we have that in common.  We talked about getting together for dinner,  or going to the strip for a change of routine for both of us.  Then we started talking about the importance of it,  so it led to this blog. 

Walk a different route to the store,  binge watch your favorite show,  etc.  Do something to make yourself happy, so returning to the same old routine, isn't such a bad things after all!