I love getting my news on tv and on the radio.  They make information I can't get while living outside of NYC and Washington DC available.  Technology,  when used responsibly,  can really add to my life.  It is what allows me to read this website. 

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Sometimes it is a matter of what we,  as individuals,  do with the information we get.   It can be a tightrope walking experience!   I was introduced recently to a series on the internet that is called The truth about Cancer,  or TTAC, Global quest.  It informs us about the evils of chemotherapy and big pharmaceuticals and tells us to eat natural foods.  Later in the broadcast it tells us that some of our favorite vegetables,  corn and beets are genetically modified,  or GMO d.  What to do?  One option is to buy organic,  but I know that over 10 years ago,  the US relaxed the organic standards. Are my vegetables really vegetables?  Now that our cities approved chemical cloudseeding,  is organic really valid? 

From what I understand ,  Canada and most of the EU  do not allow genetically modifying fruits and vegetables.  It is illegal there. But not here in the US.   I learned awhile ago that in order to patent a living being  you have to change its nature.  Am I to think that we are so greedy here that we need to Own corn or sugar beets?  What about all the ethnic groups here that eat them as a staple of their diet?  


My mom always said,  Knowledge is power,  but what do you do with this knowledge? I have several friends that themselves or someone they love have cancer.  What do they do when their Doctor has to recommend chemotherapy or get ostracized?   I guess it is an individual tightrope.  

One thing I can think of is get out and vote.  Get people in who represent us!  I don't want to be genetically modified,  and therefore patented and,  thetefore,  owned. If I have some bad cells,  I want to make my own decision whether to have chemotherapy or not!  And if the way to stay cancer free is to eat natural foods,  I don't want my foods GMOd.