Holiday Wishes

I wanted to get a holiday blog out here, as I usually do.  I felt bad asking my friends for their new year's wishes,  because so many of them are having tough times.  As we get older,  health and loss are issues  more often and for more people that we love. 


So, this holiday,  I have several wishes that friends wrote out and then I will  give you mine for those that are taking care of their parents,  their spouses,  their kids,  etc. and are too busy to focus on this. I also want to give my new email address,  because I haven't been able to get into auntyel for 2 years. It is : And Happy Anniversary Raeann Upton! 31 years is a blessing. 

Wishes :

First,  Lis Perry from Myeoworld,  says: As we end this year and begin a new year,  we must look ahead and keep our spirits and determination unshaken,  on our road for a wondrous journey toward Peace and Enlightenment.  

My friend Melody,  who recently lost someone dear to her,  says: Her wish is to stay healthy,  happy and sane  in 2019, and that we be grateful,  always,  for our friends.

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My friend Julie,  from Denver,  has been caring for her husband who has cancer.  She wishes that Doctors be smarter about what their patients are going through.  Her husband having cancer has been difficult and overwhelming for them both.  They need compassion and empathy! 

I would like to wish happy holidays to everyone around the world.  Although there are always going to be difficult times, I hope each person can have some sort of a celebration of life this Year. 

Happy Hannukah,  Merry Christmas,  Feliz Navidad,  Buon Natale,  Mele Kalikimaka , Wesolych Swiat,  Malagayan Pasco,  Joyeaux Noel & Kung Hai Fat Choi. I mean no slight if I missed your language,  have a happy,  healthy new year.  Feel free to add your wish in the comment box.