Finding Your Balance

Yin and Yang

Life can be poetry, if it is allowed to be. When I can get out of my routine it helps me to balance my yin and yang, my female and male sides in harmony. I don't mind working and being responsible; I never have. But I have also been fortunate enough to get away from my work and home routine in order to regain my balance.

With work comes politics, no matter how much you ignore them. And that can cause stress that is insidious. i.e., I had someone at work who I was sure had written a war screenplay with me, but it was a war I refused to show up at. She is no longer employed there, but for over a year and a half, she did something to me every day that tried to knock me off my balance, or added Yang to my life. Although I would not be engaged on her negative level, it still added stress to my life.

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I like to do things that add Yin to my life, or that make it easier. I consider work my yang; I have to do it so I do. But I also like to do facials, stretch, rest and get away to help get the poetry back into my life.

Recently I had a birthday and my brother took me to hike at Zion National Park. It is magnificently beautiful just to be there. I have been there maybe 6 or 7 times and I never get jaded on the beauty and peace I feel there. A few years ago, we even did the entire strenuous Narrows River Trail, a 16 mile hike thru the Virgin River, with rock walls over 1,000 feet tall. The sound of the river, the spectacular cliffs and views every way you turn, helps keep life poetic.


And to top it off, my prayer was answered when we were away from the madding crowd, and saw a family of bighorn sheep, up close and personal.


Part of finding my harmony is balancing my Aries the Ram nature with my Chinese boar. It is the Year of the Boar and I’m off to a good start!

Good luck in balancing your Yin and Yang!

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