My favorite Art class in grade school was in third grade, when our teacher taught us how to draw buildings with geometric angles.  She called the method 'perspectives'.  I loved it; who knows, maybe I should have been an architect.  But instead, I chose marketing, where perspectives, in a different meaning, is equally important.  Marketing is a lot more than just advertising.  It is analyzing a niche and figuring out how to best get information or a product to that niche.

One of my college room mates and I used to laugh: When we had a 3 page paper to write one time, she could NOT keep it down to 3 pages, and after trying several times, I could NOT get it up to 3 pages.  I analyze and summarize, and she likes to explain everything.  Another college roomate told me one time, 'Ellen, you are so simple minded'.  She may be right, I may be simple minded, but I think perspective is everything.  For example, I have never been considered 'cool' by the cool, trendy crowd, but I have always been considered too adventurous by the straight, goody-goody crowd.

When I hear comments about me, I always try to keep it in perspective and remind myself that I am who I am, and I'm not trying to be anyone else.  I couldn't have been a researcher for medicine, and I never wanted to, but they wouldn't understand me either.  When I look at a beautiful scene in nature, I think: after all the study and research, aren't all eyes the color of the earth: blue, green and brown?