I've had this habit for awhile: I take a book that I like and close my eyes and pick a page randomly by what feels right. I do this because sometimes it has a personal message for me that I need in my life at that point.  Sometimes it  tells me I'm on the right path (for me, of course), sometimes it lets me know I need to change direction, and it is always fun for me, especially when the message is relevant. It lets me know that I am in touch with my higher self. I believe, through all we've created to get through this life, ie. jobs, meals, shopping, sports, etc., that our main goal as humans is to be each in touch with our higher self. I think this is the most we can do, and that everything else is distraction and diversion.  I love the things I love in this life, friends, work, sweets, coffee, dancing, music  etc. but if I am not in touch with me, none of it 'works'. 

Everyone has their own way of getting in touch with their higher self; some feel
that religion brings them to their higher self, some actually feel that having more material wealth brings them in touch with their higher self because it gives them power, some feel most themselves when getting physical exercise, etc.  I have a combination of these things that make me feel 'myself', and when it is reflected in my 'habit of random picks', I feel really good.  It just tells me that I'm on my own, private right path, which I believe is between me and the Higher Power.

I started doing this over twenty years ago with Richard Bock's 'Illusions'.  His metaphysical messages were so good that, after having read the whole book once, opening to one page later was enough for me.  In the last ten years, I do it with the family Bible, I do it with the Dictionary when I'm at the Library, and I use the Atlas also.  I learn from whatever I choose as well as relate it to my life.  If I've chosen a place or a word that I don't know, I figure I must have a need to learn it, or there is some use in it for me.  It sounds silly, but it is one of the outward signs that I use to know I'm on the right path for me.

Today my 'random pick' was the word  'direction'.  I think it's perfect timing for a Haiku. I wrote this earlier, which is still valid for me today.

                                                        Reflections of Trees
                                              Branching in New Directions
                                                      I am to Follow?

I have a new routine that I'll be starting next week that will keep me busy.  I really hope that it 'fits' with me and lasts a long time.