Healthy Competition

It seems like I hear about another merger or hostile takeover every week, and the companies involved are not small to begin with.  I am not an economics major, but I believe that competition is better for the consumer.  If a company has to compete, it has to give you better customer service.

This past week I heard about several situations that are going in the opposite direction, companies planning to leave a big monopoly.  I was excited and surprised.  If a monopoly does not have any competition in an industry, it can charge whatever it wants.  This week, I read about two different situations that may be good for many people, at least for those that it will directly affect.

1.  I read that some very large companies here in Las Vegas are trying to leave the main power company (Which is owned by a billionaire) and go with a smaller energy company that includes solar in its mix.  It's not only good for them, it's a step in the direction of competition.  Isn't it wise to utilize your greatest natural resources?  We are in the desert; we have a lot of sun!  I am so proud of these companies for planning to leave the monopoly.

2. I have also been reading, for about six months, about Asia wanting to create a 'bank' that will compete with the World Bank and IMF.  I read a few days ago that Asia, along with many U.S. allies ARE formulating such an entity.  In yet another industry, it looks like competition is coming back.  I can't say that their goals aren't for profit or that their motives are pure, obviously, but I think the countries that have felt owned by the World Bank may appreciate the competition.

Despite what happened in my life, or the country's life, I think the world is heading in the right direction.

What do you think?