On Being Hopeful & Hope-Filled

When interacting with other people, it occurs to me how important and beneficial it is to offer hope. Whether in everyday life situations or in personal, intimate conversations, hope can be a powerful , driving energy force ! Why not capitalize on this energy and make good use out of it.
Recently I had the fortune to have witnessed an amazing exchange of hope. All four of the Sanchez brothers were involved. (For context, see previous blogs, “All Life is Sacred”, “Other People’s Lives”, “My Eventful Day”, “Recognizing and Appreciating Life’s Small Accomplishments”  & “The Importance of Having Fun and Being Happy“ )
Jesus, the youngest of the brothers, was in jail. The brothers all wanted to visit him together, before Mannie moved to Atlanta. I arranged it and we went for a half hour visit at the jail. I wasn’t allowed to actually go in (they only allow three visitors in a week) so I stayed out. Fortunately I could clearly see and hear all the interactions between them and Jesus, who was behind a thick, clear glass, they were communicating with phones, hanging from the top. In the car, on the way over to the jail, we chatted about the importance of giving Jesus a hopeful, positive visit and to not mention past misdeeds. Everyone agreed. Jesus came paraded in with the other inmates here to see the visitors. It was great to see his expression upon seeing his 3 older brothers, here to visit him. They all gave him a wonderful half hour experience, filled with hope and joy. It was beautiful to behold! Not only does giving someone hope, have an effect on the receiver, it has an equal and even stronger effect on the giver. I was so happy that they were able to experience it first-hand.
 On a personal level, having hope and being hopeful can be a positive, driving force in helping people to achieve their goals and aspirations. People facing crises of all varieties have a much better chance of success and being happy in the face of hope.
In my professional life, I use hope and hope-filled actions, often and every day. I work with people who are facing death and all that that entails. By being hopeful, on every level, it makes that journey much easier.
Together with being positive and appreciative of experiences given, hope can be a powerful tool for most anyone. Do you know someone who can use a hopeful message? I’m betting that most people do. Be cheerful and offer hope to your friends and loved ones, I think that you’ll like what you see.
       Do you know someone who can use a hopeful message?

      Do you know someone who can use a hopeful message?