The Importance of Having Fun and Being Happy

It may seem like a great idea to enjoy life and be happy, all well and good. How much of our time, in a day, do we devote to doing something fun? It may be as simple as driving a different way to work or scheduling something that you enjoy.  How much time do we spend making sure our attitudes and outlooks are positive and happy? In a busy day, where there is hardly enough time to do the things that we need to do, sometimes a reminder to ourselves might be a beneficial thing. Remind ourselves that we deserve to be happy. It’s our birthright and only we can make it happen!
 Numerous studies have shown that happier people make better decisions. Even if you’re not feeling that great, try to cultivate a happy thought, then make yourself smile about it. Your happiness level will increase and it will make you more productive according to a study published in the Academy of Management Journal recently.
Appreciate life’s small accomplishments. Be mindful of the things that do go your way, even something as simple as the store clerk getting your order right, can make you feel a greater sense of accomplishment throughout the day. Suggestions like these are easily do-able, it just takes a little practice to remind yourself that you deserve to be happy. 
                  Mannie & Miguel Sanchez and my nephew, Steven Jr.

                  Mannie & Miguel Sanchez and my nephew, Steven Jr.

Receiving happiness from helping others is another awesome way to get a greater sense of who you really are. You are a complex human being, deserving of all life’s happiness’s.

Soak in up for all the people who can’t.