Standing Rock - Recent Events

I believe that the recent decision regarding the DAPL is just the beginning. It took many years for our fishing rights to be determined in a federal court decision, which was a Landmark decision. We are still having trouble here in the Northwest, our fishing stocks have dwindled due to pollution of the waters and bad regulations by the state and federal government.
I believe we have a long way to go on the road of the black snake--I don't know if many people remember that story about the snake giving a human being a ride, promising he wouldn’t’ hurt them but in the end, he ate ‘em. I believe that is where we are now riding the black snake--it's hard to judge what is going to happen because we have believed in the human race, to make things rights. We pray to “walk the red road” but still we are mistreated, abused and we refuse to leave. Why? Because this is our land!
Our belief in the prophesies are coming true - I remember hearing them as a child and now as I come into the autumn years of my life, I have seen everything the Hopi prophesies have said.
I have seen the path many of our elders choose to walk, for the rights we have today. Madonna Thunderhawk, Dennis Banks, Quiltman Sahme and Jimbo Simmons, just to name a few. I’ve been there twice and have seen these people supporting the movement, as old and as sick as they are. They come to offer prayers, food, shelter, security and especially their stories. They are still there in this cold and subzero temperature. My prayers are for all the people there who are freezing, be careful and take care of yourselves.
This has been a wake-up call for our people. We are the Protectors and we need to live this way in order to protect our mother earth and all who live here, to help each other, regardless of the color of our skin and to enlighten through our songs and stories.

Remember, all of you who were there, the creator put you there for a reason. You were lead to Standing Rock to relive our history and to show the world that the “angry society” we live in, that believes the myth that the almighty Dollar means more than human life, is not true.

Pray for yourself, your family and friends and thank the ancestors, thank the creator and thank our mother earth, who takes this abuse daily. This story is just beginning, the door is opened and everything is going to come out in a flood…
        Photo courtesy of Counterpunch

        Photo courtesy of Counterpunch

My final thought. The president needs to pardon Leonard Peltier, he has suffered enough, it's time he gets to go home to be with his family, to enjoy his remaining years. Let's all pray together on December 22, the Winter Solstice, may he be released from his tormentors and that Obama has the good heart to do what is long overdue!