Stay Strong, remember what's important

It is with deep sympathy and sadness that this nation once again shows its true colors. My heart is heavy today. I pray for the future of my people, our mother earth and the human race. How very sad that the majority of people in this country can be deceived by an egomaniac millionaire and his hateful speech. Except for the west coast and a small handful of other states, people fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Equally sad, it appears that Hillary will win the popular vote but don’t get me started on the electoral system, that’s another issue.
We have survived over 500 hundred years of racism, genocide and ethnocide. We have survived the deportations of our children to boarding schools, to civilize them, and we have survived through millions of our people being slaughtered.
We are survivors, we will survive and live to tell the stories of the presidents from George Washington to this new one, of the disrespect of our treaties and our people. Even though Obama met with our people and received a Dakota name, he still failed us at the last minute. He did not stop the NODALP, as of yet, nor did he release LEONARD PELTIER. He still has time and maybe he will but I am sad for our future. I am saddened by the racist people who voted for trump and I am in disgust - but I will not be silenced, nor will I stop what I am doing just because of this crazy man. We will get stronger and help build our people up to be a united NATION as we should be, as STANDING ROCK is showing the world.
As we get closer to the ‘doom sayers” prediction regarding the black snake and the rain of people wearing red, falling from the sky with their mighty swords and they ask WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR PEOPLE, FOR THE HUMAN RACE? We can strongly say we tried to save it.
When we no longer have a glass of water to drink, a place to gather our foods, and there is no clean air, then we as humans cease to exist. We will live a reality show for the next four years…
Stay strong and remember what’s important.