My Wake Up Call

I would first like to apologize for the delay of my new blog. During the past three weeks my blog has been coming out late because my friend, Mike, has been away with a client. Michael owns the site in which you are able to see my blogs. I have been really busy working and getting distracted by other things. For all my readers, again, I apologize and I will have my blogs out once a week.

Just last week my oldest brother Caesar was in car accident and he broke his neck. Caesar was coming home with his friend when a drunk driver ran through a red light and crashed into them. The man tried to get away but was tackled down and arrested. He was taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital where they performed surgery on his neck and spine. He has two rods down his spine and a plate in the back of his head. The doctors were surprised that Caesar lived, let alone that he is talking and can move his body. When I had seen and heard what happened it made me realize the importance to never drink and drive. This accident can help others realize this, too. It was a wakeup call for everyone around me.

Do not boast about tomorrow because you don’t know what a day may bring.- proverbs 27:1

My brother Caesar. May God give him the strength carry on and prosper

My brother Caesar. May God give him the strength carry on and prosper

Two days ago we found out that Caesar has pneumonia and was unresponsive. When I saw him, he didn’t want to talk to anyone and even told my mom he wanted to give up on his life. He was in a lot of pain and I saw it in his face.  Mike visited him yesterday and told me he was more responsive and cooperative with the doctors during his rehabilitation sessions. I know that during this time my family and I will have to be “cheerleaders” for my brother and help to encourage him to keep fighting. I believe that God will help my brother to get better and with all of us there to support him, I believe he will be able to pull through.

Live for today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.