What Now

You just graduated from high school and you finally got that diploma, so now what? For a majority of you, it’s probably college as the next step. For others, it’s going to community college and working. For those who won’t be able to go now is the time to really think about your future. Make goals to start looking for work if you don’t have a job already. For example, start setting aside money for your own place to live. Don’t think now that you are out of high school, that life is going to be all fun and games. What you do after high school needs be taken seriously because these might be the most important times of your life. The adolescence you had in school will leave you as you enter adulthood. There will be bills, relationships, and greater responsibilities to take care of. Now should be an important time to reflect upon your life and start working on a good future.

One of things I did after high school was to search for a job. I started applying to different places until I was hired. Looking for work may not be easy but it is well worth it. Going to interviews and really learning how to apply yourself, is a great way to learn responsibility. When looking for work always have a positive attitude whether things go good or not.  Always think positively as it will help your chances of getting a job. Before I got my job as a waiter, which is what I currently am doing, I filled out many different applications and went to many interviews. Some said they would call me back but never did. Every time I felt down, I always thought there is probably a better job for me or I would say “I’m close to getting a good job soon”. Eventually one interview led to a phone call from the manager, then next thing you know I was hired. If you continue at it eventually what you are pursuing, will be obtained!

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we are curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.  Walt Disney