A Fountain of Youth?

A Fountain of Youth?  Life brings us our own set of issues.  I am not married nor did I have children, but it seems I always had to relocate for a salaried job withbenefits.  At one point, I was in a hotel  4 out of 5 nights, for three years.  For another job, I lived in Manhattan for four years and traveled an average of about once a month, for personal  and business.          

My challenges were unique from those that stayed home, had a husband and children, or who worked and had a family. They had security and stability that I didn't have. My parents kept the same house for 40 years.  That is stability! No two persons lives or challenges are the same. Whatever the lifestyle, we are usually caught up in our own affairs.  It is hard, sometimes, when we get more ingrained in our own routine, to not feel like we are our routine, instead of ourselves.    

So when the last Vegas desert summer  began,  this  year,  on June 1st  I made a reservation to go visit my friends from college, in Seattle. I knew that by August I would have to get out of the heat! I went for a week-end . It did more for me than getting out of the heat! I have a friend that I have seen a lot more than the others. It's different visiting there their city. 

It was a vacation for us all.  My friends usually don't go to Pike Place market or take a harbor cruise, etc.  The city has grown so much.  We visited our Alma mater, talked and remembered who we were so many years ago in college.  My friend Julie visited her college friends last year and I know it was good for her soul; it certainly was for mine.  It may not be the fountain of youth, but it was good for my mind, body and spirit.