In the desert, when it is 110 degrees+ in the Summer, I sometimes find it hard to write or feel inspirational.  But I walked into the drug store the other day, this guy said, 'You haven't written a blog in months', so I thought I'd try.   I asked him for a suggestion, and he said politics.  I have stayed pretty far away from things controversial in this blog, because it is supposed to be inspirational, so:

In these times when everyone has a cell phone with a camera, and there is technology everywhere, so that we each are always on camera, what do us people who hate to have our picture taken do?  I thought I'd share a story from when I was young that I think may help some peopletoday, especially those with children.  

When my sister and I were very young we were very shy.  The famous acting school with Lee Strasbourg from NYC came to town, and my mom, being from NYC and knowing the name, decided to sign us up for an acting class. She hoped it would help us to overcome our shyness.  We did some very fun exercises in that class that really help the imagination, like walking through peanut butter, etc. It's not only fun, but it makes you get your mind out of it's normal 'routine thinking'. But the most important lesson that I would pass on was this:  The acting instructor said that anytime you are on stage, in whatever form, you should picture your audience naked.  It sounds funny, but try it sometime. That takes the pressure off of YOU and puts it on your audience. And it also makes you laugh. A sense of humor can get you through the toughest of situations.

Since then I have given speeches, been in plays, been in dance recitals, given business reports, etc. and the more nervous I was, I just looked out at everyone and thought of them in their underwear or naked, and it usually worked!  Later, when I was in my thirties, I also took an improvisation class to help me think on my feet. It was comedic, and it also helped me to come out of my shell. An acting class might be a great Summer activity for your kids:>)

Stay cool!