Re-Energizing Youth

As I get older and into this golden age, I remember the ceremonies, sewing, beading and making baskets—going hunting and fishing, canning and preserving for the winter and then during the winter doing in home activities.  Being a stay at home mom and wife, we did everything and when our husbands came home from work there was dinner.   This did not make us a slave at home nor were we passive or in dominate marriages – we did this because we loved our families and made sure they lived in a healthy environment. 
                                                              Photo by Hank Adams

                                                              Photo by Hank Adams

When we did go to work it was because ERA came into effect and white women became minorities (I don’t figure how the courts decided that) our husbands lost their jobs to their bosses, wives and girlfriends. 
The roles changed and we brought home the checks and our husbands became the homemakers – and they did what we did even cleaning the carpet.  They took good care of their kids – sometimes they would get crazy and sometimes they let the kids run wild but, all in all, they were good at home.
Now today is quite different – these young people don’t do anything. They wait for the tribe to take care of them—they don’t know how to do anything –there is no future at the end of their tunnel.  
They are killing their spirits and the “warrior” within in them, no motivation, no pride and we watch them become zombies, thieves in jail or on the streets waiting, waiting, and waiting.  As I watch them sometimes, talking to them, I wonder what they are thinking or why they are doing this. I ask them what makes you take this drug or how does it make you feel?   Maybe I should try it just to see what you all see… 
I tell the kids you’re killing yourself and our future; you need something in your life.  That’s why a youth center is good for the kids but it has become a funeral home for all the funerals of Native Americans in Tacoma and other people.
I believe that they need a purpose, we had the fishing rights struggle treaty recognitions,  AIM MOVEMENT and other issues that kept us on the straight and narrow. We had pride and we wore it proudly. We made changes and became recognized in our own rights – So, where is the Warrior our children have – where did it go?  Did they lose it?  Now they put posters up of rap groups; we used to hang up posters of chiefs and other warriors – they sing rap songs; we sang Indian songs, they were strong and compassionate for their people
What went wrong?  All the warriors are passing and gone, no more memories…
Don’t mistake my nostalgia for apathy. I know there are many fine, young water warriors out there. I really do think that the ‘”silver lining” to NoDAPL is the re-energizing of youth participation in important events.   
In an earlier post, I added the wish list, addresses and phone numbers for Red Warrior Camp. This is such an important issue that I'm listing them again. Winter is coming soon so please get involved. Here’s how you can help:
                                                     Photo & graphic by Bucky Harjo

                                                     Photo & graphic by Bucky Harjo

Below you will find addresses and links for sending supplies, finding the "wish list" of supplies needed by both the medics and the Water Protectors, addresses to which those supplies can be sent, and finally, websites where cash donations can be made to the struggle to succeed #NODAPL
Monetary Donations for Front Line Water Protectors
Red Warrior Camp Legal Fund…/red-warrior-camp-legal-fund-no…
Gift Cards
Visa Gas Cards
Red Warrior Camp
BIE 00N02 Agency Ave
Fort Yates, ND 58538
United States
Phone: (605) 220-2531
Red Warrior Camp Legal Fund…/red-warrior-camp-legal-fund-no…
RWC Amazon Wishlist
RWC MEDIC Amazon Wishlist email


                                                      Photo & graphic by Bucky Harjo