What am I good at?

Have you ever asked yourself the question- What am I good at? What is it that makes me different? I use to ask myself those questions all the time. In our modern society it can be hard to standout because of all the different media telling us to be like them. You must follow this trend or that trend to fit in. Are you searching for something that would help you stand out?

 What you are good at is the talent or special gift that is given to every individual. Sometimes finding out what we’re good at, can be hard to figure out. I didn’t discover what I was good at until I had finished high school. I had always wondered what talent I had. Everyone seemed so amazing because of all the cool talents they had. A friend of mine has been able to do backflips since he was a kid. Over the years he went on to play football in school. In high school, I was kind of weird and a little crazy. Besides that fact, I was super friendly and always loved making new friends. I never really knew what my talent was. After high school I was still trying to figure what made me special. I had a brief run in with the military, thinking that was what I was meant to do. After the military, I continued to search for what would help me stand from everyone else.

I remember one day I was walking and I had seen this homeless man, walking alone. I had a few dollars so I decided to give him the money. After giving him the money I began to feel really good inside. I began to realize that I was very sympathetic to others and I had the willingness to help them. After that encounter, I began to help more people. I learned that I was great at helping others with their problems. While I was in the church, I had many opportunities to help people from our community. It is always a blessing to help those who are in need. I know that when I was younger there were those who helped me. I started writing these blogs just so I could help others with whatever struggle they face and to let them see that there is someone who can help and who sees their struggle. My goal is to help people to see things differently, that life isn’t just about hurt but to show the beauty of life. The best way to figure out what you were meant to do is to try things. Once you do figure it out stick with and put it to use.

 “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever. Find what makes you different and stick with it because that thing can change your life forever.

Chaz Palminteri  (Sonny from a Bronx Tale)