End of Summer entry

Hi All,


For the past few months, I had the German Market ETF (EWG) on the ‘watch list for future purchases’ and now it is time to get in to this ETF. If the price drops, it would give us an opportunity to add to our holdings.  I also had Home Depot (HD-up 14.68% in 5 months) and Disney (DIS-up 12.20% in 5 months) on the ‘watch list’; however now I wish I was able to give a buy recommendation in March 2014!


We went through a 4.5% correction during the past 30 days but we did not suffer any losses.  Ford (F) and Emerging Market ETF (EEM) up by 12%+ over the past 5 months and the others are up between 1.8% and 5.17%.  Current yield on the 10year Treasury Note is at 2.41%.



Summer is not usually a good time for the market as most fund managers go on vacation; which leads to low volume days.  Labor Day has come and gone! September/October are usually the worst months for the market but there is a possibility that we might see the averages going up during this September though.

Have an abundant Fall!