Entry for May 6, 2014

Hi!  On 4/30/14, I issued my second (April) edition of my stock newsletter. This bull market is getting old (over 5years old)! Most retail investors get in to the market during the latter part of the bull market.

If you want a free copy, send me an email to prosperitystocks@yahoo.com. Here are some excerpts:

WARNING: Please note that we might have a severe correction or a crash at any given time in the future. If we encounter such a correction/crash under ‘certain’ (very difficult to define) circumstances, it would be a buying opportunity.  This is why it is good to keep 25% to 50% of your funds in cash. Just like earthquakes are not predictable, these corrections and crashes are not predictable.

Ford Motor Co (Symbol: F)

Price, when initially recommended (March 2014): $15.48

Current Price: $16.15 (Gain: 4.33% within 32 days)

Trailing PE: 10.02

Forward PE: 8.50

Recommendation:  Buy (down from ‘very strong buy’)

Expected price on or before Jan 2016: $20 (24%)


General Electric (Symbol: GE)

Price, when initially recommended (March 2014):  $25.88

Current Price: $26.89 (Gain: 3.90% within 32 days)

Trailing PE: 22.11

Forward PE: 14.77

Recommendation: Strong Buy

Expected price on or before Jan 2016: $35 (30.16%)


Stay tuned!