Time to Clean Up Our Collective Karma

I had coffee with my sisters yesterday, and I discovered we each had had a mishap of sorts with a living being from the animal kingdom. None of these instances, in and of themselves, would have had much meaning.  For example,  a few days before, I was out at my pool and I felt a warm fuzzy on my foot.  I looked down and there was a wasp  on my foot.  I didn't feel a sting;  it was more like a warm hug? I can't explain it.  It did puff up a little bit, but I never found a stinger.  One  of my  sisters had woken up, a week before, to find a bat in her bed on the covers.  Yes, really!  It was somewhat traumatic, but they got it outside without hurting it.  My other sister was walking her dogs a few days before and a bird of prey nearly swooped down on her two, little Chihuahuas. They could have been a walking meal for the hungry bird.


 So, after having slept on it last night, I drew a correlation to these possibly unrelated events. I think these animals are asking us for our help. I have written in this blog before about the consequences of man's forest fires, micro-chipping every cove on this Earth, every inch of mountainous space, etc.  I have written about the consequences of nearly every person on this planet having a cellphone.  How it works, in a very basic sense, is the radio frequency, or RF goes to cell sites and then to a GPS satellite.  Also, every car has GPS now.  So with all these radio waves going through the air, how many billions of living beings have been thrown off their life course?  Between all the forest fires in the past 15 years how many living beings have lost , not only their lives, but their meals and are now hunting in urban areas?  I am not only bringing this up because I am a 'tree hugger' or a 'bleeding heart but because I think mankind will pay for it's karma.


 If you have ever read The Celestine Prophecy, it is somewhat similar in thought.  When a certain animal appears, it has a spiritual meaning.  But with these three happening in a matter of days, and just a bit past my late Mom's birthday, my mind makes a correlation.  Can we exist in peace and harmony with other living beings?  If you read L. Ron Hubbard's book, Battlefield Earth, we cannot.  He  says it is in man's nature to war. He says if there are 7 men left on this Earth they will display greed and war.  I couldn't finish the book.


 What can we do for the other living beings that I think are asking, spiritually, for our help?  Man has put himself in charge of other living beings yet we have been irresponsible. Fortunately there are organizations devoted to helping others creatures like the Humane Society, ASPCA, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, the Nature Conservative (for planting trees), Red, that Bono started etc. If you know of an organization that does good things for the Earth, that we, as individuals can join to help our collective karma for this Earth, please write in and let me know.


Thank you!