Nature in Poetic Words

Hello, I have decided to put some of my poems in my blog, since the last few entries were about nature.  I have always enjoyed nature and I wrote these particular poems after a trip to the mountains. My Mom and Grandmother used to love picnics, hiking and camping in the mountains. 




The sun sinks low, stream rolls on:

The only sound: a running fawn

Ah!  What better a place to hide away

Sittin on a rock 'til the fading of day.


The Aspen trees, the whispering sound

Shadows creeping from sky to ground.

The mellow breeze now takes it's course

And sweeps me off with unthreatening force.


The day is coming to a close my friend

With but one feeling I hope to extend:

The very sensation of feeling free

Leaving no doubt, the mountains are the place for me.




With wings of varied colors;

So distinctly are yours seen

Printing an abstract aversion

Like the dressings of a queen.


With grace of a royal princess

So passionately you flit

Yet indifferent as to the flowers

Upon which you gently sit.


Such beauty is your own

Ne'er reflected, not by one.

With your freedom never hindered

May you someday reach the sun.


In Costa Rica near a butterfly preserve with my mom and sisters, Jacque & Crissy

In Costa Rica near a butterfly preserve with my mom and sisters, Jacque & Crissy

 My Mom and Grandmother also liked to take us on vacation to Mexico.  The following poem I wrote after a trip to the Caribbean. 


Playa Azul


The foam with it's ever-changing patterns,

White as a dove,

Waters my mouth as cotton candy,



Heavy, with flaming ripples,

Turquoise more intense than the chieftan's dressings,

Dance the waves swiftly,



Entrancing, with smooth and constant motion,

Blue as a mirror against the sky

Changes the color as a lake in the midst of night



With coral influence as scattered prints,

Deep as the mountains at midnight

Still, shimmering the reflection of the sun



I hope you enjoy these entries. Thanks for reading my blog.