Sharing Warmth, Love and Compassion

I feel very fortunate that I grew up with the following:  we had a loving mom and dad, the same house was in the family for 40 years, a grandmother that lived across the alley, and we had three complete meals a day.   With the average family now moving six times while the kids are still in school, I was more fortunate than I knew while growing up.

I have had people do good, loving deeds for me and now I try to pass on these positive actions to others who haven’t had as good fortune as I.  Sometimes my actions are passed on in small ways, like baking and sharing with my neighbors, volunteering for the Red Cross after a disaster or mentoring kids as a Junior Achievement advisor.  Sometimes it is as seemingly insignificant as talking to someone that needs to hear something positive.  I can tell it makes us both feel better.

 I think it’s great that my brother Mike has passed on his compassion and caring to the Sanchez family of young men, as he has done several times before.  It takes concern for those other than yourself and energy to do that for a family; you have to have the love in your heart enough to give to another full time.  Neither Mike nor I had kids in this lifetime, but we both pass on our warmth, love and compassion in as many ways as we can, and I want to tell him I think it’s cool!

I see sharing in many ways, from famous personalities giving back to their communities, to people I love sharing their warmth, love and compassion with me. These are example of people building good karma for themselves and this world. There is no such thing as too much good energy happening in this world.