Morale vs Morals

One thing I have learned, in my later age, is to appreciate things that give me and other people good morale.  There are groups of people and individuals that live to judge others based on their own ideas of morals, under the names of social mores and religion. I think judging others is an excuse to feel superior on their part. I’ve experienced  a lot more of this in the past decade than ever before.

With technology being so much more widespread, ie. In just 15 years everyone has a phone, most cars have GPS, everyone has a computer, etc. It is easier to gossip, judge and spy on people.  With the spread of technology, I haven’t seen or read any better news, jobs or better economics for the average person but there are just more devices on which to receive this  information. 

In this period of time my economics have been worse, so I’ve had to rely on my experiences that increase my morale such as getting into the wilderness, hiking and traveling.  During bad times, a lot of people turn to religion to make themselves feel better.  I have found that some of these religious groups seem to focus more on morals and judgment than on spending their energy increasing someone’s morale.  What makes me feel better is smaller actions from people that actively practice increasing other people’s morale.  I am fortunate to understand what I can do to foster good morale. For example, I have been able to incorporate good morale into my marketing jobs by offering  customer promotions and positive employee incentives. I am sensitive enough to be grateful that l have had the opportunity to practice some good karma in this area.