In Appreciation of Memorial Days

For me, the beauty of the celebration is the emphasis placed upon remembering the finest qualities in people who have passed on before us. We place the spotlight on other people instead of ourselves.
Much attention is focused on the military community, and rightfully so. Without the brave service of these men and women, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we enjoy today. I salute the courage of these brave warriors and their families, who sacrafice, too! I have friends actively serving in the Navy & Marines, I always make a point of “thanking them” for their service. It feels good for them to hear it and be recognized.  Equally for me, I get to offer a heartfelt recognition that their efforts are noticed and appreciated. It’s a win-win!
I have friends who have traditions, as well. Some visit the graveyard where their loved ones rest and others have gathering of friends and family, usually involving food, to honor the person(s) memory. In all cases, the focus is on the positive qualities of the dearly departed. We are paying “special attention” to these higher ideals and what they stand for.
For me, as a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, I absolutely love the idea of a Memorial Day. It highlights attention on the positive aspects of the people we respect and admire.  I think the secret might be to take all these wonderful qualities we admire in our loved ones and incorporate them into our own daily lives.

We should have Memorial days more often than once a year!

May all the positive qualities of your dearly departed loved ones be absorbed in every fiber of your being!
Peace and Happiness, always