Keep Your Energy Level High

In this present climate of “in your face” politics, where people who disagree are demonized, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to “sink to that level”.  With all the name calling and divisive rhetoric out there, it may seem “normal” to respond in kind but you would be doing yourself a disservice. Instead, maybe realize your individuality and uniqueness. You have a bright mind and can choose to respond in any way you want. Make your responses meaningful!

Fantasy Sunset

Another good way to counteract the hatred and racism that is so rampant today is to offer hope to your friends, family and everyone. It occurs to me how beneficial and important it is to offer hope. Whether in everyday life situations or in personal, intimate conversations, hope can be a powerful, driving energy force! Why not capitalize on this energy and make good use out of it.

On a personal level, having hope and being hopeful can be a positive force in helping people to achieve their goals and aspirations. People facing crises of all varieties have a much better chance of success and being happy in the face of hope.

Not only does providing hope have an effect on the receiver, it has an equal and even stronger effect on the giver. 

For me, a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism whose main practice is “compassion towards everyone”, this divisive diatribe occupying the media now is a distraction. Sadly, I think peacefully resolution and “talking one’s issues out” may be harder in the future. Why talk and compromise when it’s so easy to call your opponent names. I pray that I’m wrong. Anyway, it definitely takes extra alertness to stay focused on what really matters.

I challenge you to keep your energy level high and not give in to the haters and their rhetoric. It’s too important.

Blessings and prayers in your efforts.