Compassionate New Year's Eve Resolution

It seems like New Year’s resolutions are quite popular this time of year. It’s a fine idea to think ahead and make goals, resolutions and promises. After all, goals are important in propelling oneself to achieve “greater heights”.  I think it is equally important to look back and see what you have accomplished, to “take stock” if you will. And evaluate toward the positive. Maybe there were times that you didn’t follow thru on what you had planned. To dwell on that would be counter-productive and a waste of one’s time. Instead focus on what you did right.
What did you do this past year that made a positive influence on another person? It may be someone related or not. If there were times, and I’m sure there were, that you made someone feel better, then put that down on your "scorecard". How many of those times can you list? If your card reads many - well then Congratulate yourself! Be thankful that you had many opportunities and resolve to add even more check marks to next year’s scorecard.
Colorful Motion Blur
When you put the focus on how many opportunities you have to help other people, then opportunities just naturally arise. Of course, you need to be discriminating or you would be overwhelmed. Maybe let your scale lean towards how can you do the greatest good for everyone involved, including yourself.
Looking ahead to next year, when you make those resolutions, why not include one - to make everyone around you feel better just by your presence.

Happy Resolution Making.

Here’s wishing everyone

Peace and Happiness