Everyday Compassion

As a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, whose main practice is compassion, often times everyday life throws challenges my way.  While it’s easy to say “oh, just be compassionate to everyone”, the reality is, it takes constant focus and attention. Focus not only on all of my actions but attention to my “state of mind” as well.
Take for example driving.  On my way to work this morning in my car someone cut in front of me to make a quick turn.  They made the dumb move but I noticed I was the one who was “out of my calm self” for a while. It took a few minutes until I realized what was going on and changed myself, again focus and attention. Fortunately for me it takes less time to realize myself when I’m “out of calm”.
 These kinds of situations always arise in the process of living our daily lives. Different things always come up but it’s how quickly I react and “re-set myself” that makes the difference. Thanks again focus and attention.
I am my own harshest critic so I need to remind myself that it’s taking me less time to reset but…I’m still striving to be compassionate to everyone, every time and in every situation. I'm a work in progress…
Lama 18.JPG
                 Lama Samten w/ his right hand woman, Kate. My banana car in background.