Refuge Prayer in Tibetan 

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This is an excerpt from “Chariots of Deliverance – The Supreme Path” written by the 7th Karmapa Chodrak Gyatso (1454-1506).

This version was translated thanks to the efforts of Ven. Lama Samten and his early students, early 1980’s, in New Zealand. For that, I am eternally thankful.


DRIN CHEN TSA WA DANG JU PAR CH PAY                                                                                                         PAL DEN LAMA DAM PA NAM LA CHAP SU CHI O           YIDAM CHIL KOR JI LHA TSO NOM LA CHAP SU CHI O                                                                     SONG JAY CHOM DEN DAY NAM LA CHAP SU CHI O                                                                                         DAM PE CHU NAM LA CHAP SU CHI O                                                                                                                PAW PAY GEN DUN NAM LA CHAP SU CHI O                                                                                        PA WO KAN DRO CHU CHONG SUNG MAY TSO YE SHAY                                                                                   JI SHEN DONG DEN PA NAM LA CHAP SU CHI O  (Repeated)

The photos are my originals, some with positive, thought provoking messages. Please enjoy.

Thanks for listening.

Base audio recorded in late August 2001 at Karma Choeling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery near Auckland, NZ led by Ven. Lama Karma Samten.

I would like to offer a special “Thank You” to Ven. Lama Samten and his early students in New Zealand for translating this powerful text.

Also thanks to Tsem Tulku Rinpoche's website for the fine Buddhist artwork

And especially to HH Karmapa!

Blessings to All!