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I am very fortunate to have met my friend and spiritual mentor Lama Karma Samten in New Zealand in 2000 at the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery he helped create in 1980. The Lamas, Samten & Shedrup were sent to New Zealand by HH 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, to start a Karma Kagyu Tibet Buddhist center near Kaukapakapa, NZ. Lama Samten and his early students did great, important things like translate Tibetan prayer texts into English.

 I am eternally grateful for that! 

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Both of the Lamas knew very little English when they arrived in New Zealand. The Lamas and their students created an amazingly beautiful sanctuary on 50 acres, just north of Auckland. It includes the largest Buddha Shakyamuni statue in the southern hemisphere, many stupas and a spectacular traditional Tibetan Buddhist temple. It's a very beautiful and peaceful place!

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I "discovered" the center while I was living in Auckland in 2000. I ended up visiting often to do volunteer work, things like cutting firewood, making walking trails and various other projects. It was a beautiful year in New Zealand. I am very fortunate to have been there.

I invite you read Lama's biography, visit the photo gallery of Lama's last 4 visits and read about his current teaching tour dates.

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With Lama Samten in Zion National Park, Utah

With Lama Samten in Zion National Park, Utah

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I just received this today, May 10, 2017 at 6 AM from Kate and thought you might enjoy it. Lama is in historic Merbok, an ancient and holy site related to Atisha, Serlingpa & Dharmakirti, in the Lembah Bujang Valley, Perak, north Malaysia.

Tashi Delek everyone, Happy Wesak.

Wesak is a very important event. It reminds us of something special. It is the event of Buddha's Birth; Buddha's Enlightenment and Buddha's Paranirvana. In other words, the Buddha was just like us. He was born, he aged, he got sick and then he died. This is the same as us. What is the difference?

Buddha was Enlightened and we are not. That part is not the same, that is a huge difference. Buddha was very wise, with lots of wisdom. He knew; he learned; then he practiced; and then he was Enlightened. In the beginning we don't know, then eventually maybe we know, but we are not practicing. In the end we come back to square 1.

So Buddha's Wesak event we should think about this strongly. If we have the opportunity we have to do it, according to the base, path and fruition. If we don't do it, nobody will do it for us. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Please think about this on this special event.

Thank you for listening

Lama Lambchop.

Lama says when you get old, this is how you meditate

Lama says when you get old, this is how you meditate